Brassknuckle BKDST1020NP Orange Crush

Brassknuckle BKDST1020NP Orange Crush

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The design of our Crusher is popular for its modern styling, but make no mistake; this is more than a looker. The specialized, contoured rubber gasket seals the glasses snuggly up against the wearers face, doing more than stopping dust from entering the optical cavity; rather, it also channels light water away from eyes. This is a huge difference maker and only our orange Crusher features this liquid splash protection.  This eyewear is loaded with additional features, too: super-flex temples that hug any size face and TempleTouch™ technology that grips comfortably with molded-in nibs for non-slip performance. And did we say dust goggle? Only when you want it to be. The soft rubber gasket is removable, allowing for quick conversion into a standard protective eyewear format. Every pair comes with an optional strap that locks into the temple to further secure the fit, just in case you need to work upside down in a wind tunnel — because, well, you just might. Get your Crush on — it might be the most adaptable, customizable protective eyewear ever. For more on what makes The Crusher special, watch the N-FOG PLUS video. 

Certifications and characteristics

Excellent anti-fog performance plus abrasion, chemical, and UV resistance. Meets demanding industry test requirements (ANSI Z87.1+, EN166K, EN166N, EN166UV). 

This eyewear features our proprietary Brass Knuckle N-FOG™ PLUS anti-fog coating. Eyewear featuring N-FOG Plus is tested under the most stringent anti-fog standard in the world, the European EN 166/168 and EXCEEDS the standard. N-FOG PLUS’ anti-fog properties last 45X longer than the minimum set forth by the standard — rendering this eyewear virtually fog free. 

Clear lens allows maximum light transmission without changing or distorting vision or colors (91% of light passes through). 

Smoke lens provides allover tint for normal outdoor conditions (18% of light passes through). 

About The Crusher

The stylish wraparound styling of the one-piece 10 base curve lens offers high-impact protection and an unobstructed field of vision — an almost unprecedented optic range. The bendable thermoplastic rubber (TPR) temples provide hypoallergenic, non-slip comfort and super-flex fit without distorting vision. The polycarbonate lens features our N-FOG™ PLUS anti-fog coating that offers superior performance under the highest heat and humidity for a long-lasting, fog-free view. A secure fit is as simple as turning the PivotEase™ nosepiece to a narrow position and then sliding the eyewear on. It adjusts automatically and then “locks” into the perfect, no-slip positioning. The removable foam dust filter forms a seal with the brow, channeling dust and even splash away from the wearer’s eyes. 


  • Soft, adjustable, fully customizable PivotEase™ nosepiece 
  • Bendable, super-flex TPR temple in bright orange for visibility and style 
  • TempleTouch™ technology provides comfortable grip on sides of the head 
  • Integrated side protection 
  • Removable, contoured rubber gasket acts as a cradle, helps keep liquids and dust out 
  • ANSI-approved hardcoated polycarbonate lenses 
  • Brass Knuckle N-FOG™ PLUS anti-fog protection exceeds European EN 166/168 — lasts 45 times longer  
  • Optional gray adjustable strap