Stuff A Stocking For a Tool Geek

Ok so Christmas is right around the corner and you can almost smell the panic in the air as the masses rush to buy last minute gifts. One of my favorite parts of Christmas is not the "big gift" buying but the stocking stuffing. Usually you only do a stocking for the closest people in your family so its a great time to get creative and thoughtful. Most of my favorite and more useful gifts are the little ones that come in my stocking. 

Im not going to force feed Christmas spirit down your throats, remember we are in a hurry to find gifts fast!

Its hard to find great gifts for the tradesman or woman in your life because you dont know much about tools. I was showing my girlfriend some cool tools we could buy for her dad and she looked at me and said "you pick it, I dont know what this stuff is."

Lets face it, you dont know whats hot in the streets as far as the tool world goes. The best place to look is on Instagram, its visual and easy to understand. Some of the hottest names in the trades use it frequently. For guys check out @toolaholic, @toolpig, @rrbuildings, @john_malecki and for girls check out @mrs.toolpig, @wilker_dos, and @anneofalltrades. Those are the guys and girls that are using the hottest tools and accessories you can load your loved ones stockings up with. Sorry other Instafam I am busy buying gifts and posting these links took a long time!

Getting down to the list now...

  1. You need to keep your loved one safe so what better way to do that than with premium safety glasses. Brassknuckle brand makes awesome glasses and they arent expensive. We are talking maybe $9 per pair. Check out the Grasshoppers on our site offered 3 ways. Clear for the shop, tinted lense for outside, and pink for well... we cant assume genders. While you are on there check out the BK360 ($5) gloves they are nice and warm and the fingers stay dry in the snow.
  2. Is your relationship hanging on by a thread? Do you need to mend your bond with a loved one? The answer is GTAPE! If you are sick of seeing duct tapes or nasty residue from other tapes around your space grab a roll of GTAPE 1009GR and stuff it down the stocking!
  3. Family is the glue that holds us together and keeps us sane. Show your appreciation and my creative symbolism with a crazy super glue from FastCap called 2P-10. I recommend the thick for general application.
  4. Ok so the one tool you need to know. Pay attention because every tool geek has one! Its called a Sawzall. You can use it to cut up damn near anything. The problem is specialty blades get expensive. Most people get scared of the price tag and end up buying something cheap. Not this Christmas. You are going to stuff stockings full of really nice Diablo blades like these.


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